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Fear is a lonely man

Is it proper for a man to be truthful of his words even though denying them is the only choice he could make?

Is it fine to let someone be enslaved by fear knowing that there are ways to counter it yet you’re too preoccupied with your own life?

Am I just babbling?

Do I even know what I’m saying?

Should truth be told that we cannot avoid fear let alone ignore it?

It’s somewhat part of the spectrum of life – the non-visible spectrum. It is there just creeping into our souls, ruining our sanity, and making us think of unworldly things.

All I know is that fear is a lonely man and it needs someone, something to be with.

But we keep on burying them “fearing” that they might ruin us. Fear doesn’t end with overcoming it. Fear will only leave you if you served them right. Only in that case you will comprehend a fear’s longing. 

To be worth it for someone, to make a good cause out of that companionship is what gives pride to fear.

It’s like your evil bestfriend. Its existence is somewhat yours too. You believed in that fear and you want to get rid of it at the same time.

As tiresome they might be and annoying as hell, they make us feel human. A human with emotions and overbearing heart. Their intention is to make you feel alive and fighting. Their goal is learn something from them – anything at all.

Fear won’t leave you unless you give them a chance to make a difference in your life.

Fearless people are weak at heart, I guess.  You are stronger once you let fear do its job. You may not want it but it’ll make you a better person. You forget about them making yourself believe that you fear nothing. But that fear is still attached to you, don’t ignore it because it’ll stay there.

Listen to your fear and provide him his cravings but don’t forget who you really are. Don’t be a slave to your fear, befriend it instead. Show that you’re capable of handling them and that you’re your own master.

Fear is a lonely man. Make his existence worth yours.


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