Dream on

Lonely are the nights when silence and the cold are your only companions. You cling onto your blankets desperately breathing in its warmth until there’s none left and you feel cold again.

Living at the moment seems like yesterday and the future’s all we care of. Why don’t we play the Russian Roulette of life and focus at the moment the revolver’s on your temple. Because when the bullet hits your skull, nothing really matters anymore.

As the moonlight lit the night and the stars flurry along, one can only think of how beautiful it is. When the wind blows eerie leaves as they waft into sunset, one can only dream of drifting with them. And as you sulk on a bench thinking of how hard life is, you see people, movement, life and vigor, and they only move you forward.

“Live and let live.”

We all have a sense of wanting. The unintended chooses you, and you go for your “intention”. You wanted something sour; life gave you vinegar, but you really wanted lemon. You created the best vinaigrette there is and that’s what matters.

Life has it perks, it’s ups and downs, and maybe the rolling over and sliding. Give it a chug and let all loose to your comfort. Wanting more in life doesn’t make you less deserving of it. If you took a liking with the perverse , give none of your fucks to people who criticize you.

And if in dreams you find peace, dream on.


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