Lost soul

lost soul

lost soul

It’s time to begin again. I’ve used up 16 years of my life. If my future-self was looking at me right now, he would be disappointed. What am I doing? Am I doing it right? No one knows. Maybe I’ll know someday. I am yet to accomplish something monumental and I am too far from being the best version of me. It sucks that we have to age. That there is an expiration date; that our time is slowly fading and we don’t even notice it. Young ones take things for granted. And those who have used up almost their life energy? They begin to appreciate every bit of aspect of life. Why can’t we think like the old ones? I think because we are not meant to. We are meant to use our life energy for our comfort and happiness; deny the fact that we are getting old, that our lone memoir is our graves. Then why do some people choose to end their lives too early? It’s because they have no reason to believe that their life has worth. Societal aspects tend to suck the life out of fragile souls. They breech onto little cracks until they shatter. There are no symptoms; first thing you’ll know, your body’s caving in and you’ve nowhere left to run. There’s no beauty in suicide but there’s peace. We were built to endure much more tormenting stuff.

We die if we die, we do not choose our own death. We live and we live, that’s the beauty of it.



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4 responses to “Lost soul

  1. What if this life is in reality a “womb” time…. What if this life that we think we are living now is in reality just a very brief moment of getting ready for what we REALLY are created to be? How much do you remember of your time in your mother’s womb? How important TODAY are all the things that upset you so terribly when you were just 2 years old? What if THAT is how THIS WHOLE time of our “living” looks like once we are on the other side of it…?

    • If that were the case, there isn’t really a difference. Our life today is what counts after all. If our memories in this present life were to be erased to pave for new ones in our ought to be life, then we just have to live again. Repeat the cycle and live the life we are ought to live. Today is important, tomorrow is never less.

  2. No, our memories would not be erased, any more than your memories of your earliest childhood are “erased…” Just, as we “mature” they take on a different significance…. A broken toy that devastated us when we were 2 seems insignificant now that we have lived a longer life…. There will come a day when, on the other side of THIS life, we come to realize that much of what weighs on us so heavily now is, in reality, really inconsequential…. Today is important. Live it and enjoy it. But don’t let the things it brings devastate you…. You will see them all in a different light one day…. 🙂

    • Yup, everything will converge to a singularity which will give us enlightenment. “Erased” wasn’t the best word to describe it – maybe those memories were just so deeply buried, we haven’t got a single clue that it’s even there. Just as you described it as a “broken toy”. Devastation isn’t purely a bad thing, like evil. There has to be some sort of balance between good and evil, yin-yang as some put it. The duality gives rise to each other.

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