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We all need someone

Forever wandering eyes

My soul is searching


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Plain eyes

Lend me your beauty

Water drips on my forehead

You are blinding me.

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Just another sick blogger



I had a rough time today. I felt dizzy, nauseous, and quite frankly, hot. Me and my friend finished our jogging at about 10 pm last night. It felt good – the sweat and worn out legs. I quite enjoy pain but I’m not a masochist. I just like casual jolts of endorphin. No, I love it!

I wasn’t feeling right beforehand but I thought the running would uplift it. It was a bad judgement though. I should have listened to my body and the signs it was showing. But I badly wanted to go out of my bed.

I was bedridden, not that I was sick or something but because I was too lazy to even stand. I started skipping my study time and I wasn’t feeling motivated at all. Something’s missing like a baby who lost his favorite toy. I needed a drive, a super-sized ignition that can wipe out a city!

I can only help myself if I let myself help itself.  That’s a bit confusing. Anyway, I need not let myself just go with the flow and put everything that’s important aside. My health’s number one, and study’s next.

Back to my hurting. I wasn’t supposed to go to class today but I’ll miss important discussions, let alone  I have upcoming exams. It was a hot, dry morning and nothing about it was really helping. My physics professor was talking about gravitational fields and I was just staring at him, not listening at all.

I didn’t notice I was taking nap. I missed half of the lecture and I regretted coming to class. It ended and my next one was chemistry. That’s when I started noticing that my temperature’s alarmingly high. My classmates weren’t really helping. They thought I was just acting my way out of class because I’m quite the rebel. I got tired listening to them.

The moral here is, don’t let yourself give in to peer pressure and hear out what your body’s trying to say. Health is not worth sacrificing. I failed that part but I know now. Weigh your odds: will going to class make me feel better? or should I rest instead?

It’s been several months since I had a fever. I’m wishing it’s not a big deal though but a little paranoia won’t hurt.

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Life: a good read


I need a book that will tell me a story

A story that I would remember

I would remember it for the rest of my life

My life has yet been defined

Defined by how well I strive

I strive for greatness

For greatness is what everyone wants

Everyone wants a good read

A good read which will make a difference

A difference that would impact life

Life is an inevitable journey

A journey, a fickle ride of uncertainty

Uncertainty: no one enjoys spoilers

Spoilers kill stories

Stories make books

Books narrate life’s uncertainty

Uncertainty that makes it all interesting.

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Lost soul

lost soul

lost soul

It’s time to begin again. I’ve used up 16 years of my life. If my future-self was looking at me right now, he would be disappointed. What am I doing? Am I doing it right? No one knows. Maybe I’ll know someday. I am yet to accomplish something monumental and I am too far from being the best version of me. It sucks that we have to age. That there is an expiration date; that our time is slowly fading and we don’t even notice it. Young ones take things for granted. And those who have used up almost their life energy? They begin to appreciate every bit of aspect of life. Why can’t we think like the old ones? I think because we are not meant to. We are meant to use our life energy for our comfort and happiness; deny the fact that we are getting old, that our lone memoir is our graves. Then why do some people choose to end their lives too early? It’s because they have no reason to believe that their life has worth. Societal aspects tend to suck the life out of fragile souls. They breech onto little cracks until they shatter. There are no symptoms; first thing you’ll know, your body’s caving in and you’ve nowhere left to run. There’s no beauty in suicide but there’s peace. We were built to endure much more tormenting stuff.

We die if we die, we do not choose our own death. We live and we live, that’s the beauty of it.


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It’s that time of the year

It’s my birthday

I mean, just a normal day

It just happens that I was born on this date

It shouldn’t be that special

People are really weird.

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What the bookstore did to me

I have gone to find myself in a bookstore
I never felt so safe in my entire life
Books tell me their secrets
They whisper it in my ears
Feels like I’m invading their privacy
But they want me to know
The joy and sorrow
They want me to smell
Their fragile little pages
They want me to see
A new world in their perspective,
The ink which tell their story
They want me to hear
The adventures they’re dying to tell
They want me to feel
The human that I am
They want me to taste
A flavor I could be yearning for
They want me to satisfy their desires,
Be one with them if I have to
In short, they wanted me to buy them.

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